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I am passionately dedicated to your empowerment, expansion and success. I'm at heart, an educator~ so a lot of the material you'll be reading on this site is very candid, straightforward and controversial. My hope is, you'll have an "Ahah!" experience while you're visiting, and gain some headway with the challenges you've found to be most troubling.

While you might acquire unusual insights from my written materials, my consulting work has in no way resembled psychotherapy, nor has it dealt with matters of the mind. My professional methods offered you an unconventional, comprehensive approach to turning your life around. They helped you eliminate obstacles that inhibit joy, success and contentment, so you could build the life you've always wanted for yourself.

The perspectives and concepts you'll be exposed to on these web pages are solely my own~ and are not to be interpreted as being congruent with nor reflective of those put forth and maintained by the psychotherapeutic or psychological community.

As an Ordained Minister, I am concerned only with your vitality and well-being, and helping you build self-esteem. I have entered retirement and am no longer accepting clients~ but perhaps you will benefit from viewing my online videos, and gain helpful tools for successfully navigating your life. Simply search for Shari Schreiber, M.A. on YouTube.

Some background trivia: I returned to school at forty-one, and earned a Bachelor's degree in Human Behavior Psychology and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psych. I completed a six year private practice internship, and sat for both state board exams. I chose to surrender my application for MFT licensure after a serious accident in 2007 altered my course~ but remained dedicated to helping people rebuild themselves by sharing life-altering tools I'd invented for myself many years earlier.

I attribute my wisdom and skill to substantial life experience, acute intuition and a fierce, unrelenting commitment to personal growth, emotional vibrancy and overall wellness. My return to academia did not contribute to, nor enhance these gains.

I have not worked as a state licensed clinician, nor was that my intent. If you're seeking psychotherapy or psychological counseling, and you wish to work with a professonal who provides that type of help, I truly hope you find someone highly experienced and skilled to assist you.

You may find literature about Borderline Personality Disorder on this site, which has been an unintended consequence of direct, hands-on experience working for more than twenty years with obstacles like poor self-worth, which can contribute to and perpetuate relationship difficulties.

If you're trying to recover from a difficult relationship and you relate to my writings, it's thanks to the many people who've courageously shared their painful stories with me. My BPD articles are merely transcriptions of all those verbal accounts, and I hope they will bring you some relief and resolution.

This website is not intended as a support resource for people struggling with BPD. If you have this disorder or suspect that you might, it's best that you redirect yourself to alternative web content that may feel more congruent with your views and needs.

You can easily navigate this site by clicking on the colorful links at top. The following links will take you subjects that may be of special interest to you; Anxiety/Panic Disorders - Sex Addiction - Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD) - Weight Loss - Passive-Aggression - Sexual Difficulties - Mid-life Struggles - Codependency and numerous other relationship issues.

If you'd prefer to listen to my materials and you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can click here for the web-reader app that'll help you accomplish this.

Selected letters are responded to in my Forums, and your anonymity is carefully maintained. Most of my Articles are continually revamped and expanded to keep that information fresh and vital, and new topics are added periodically. Save this site to your *favorites* and visit as often as you like!

I do not offer online/written intervention. Only emails under 150 words are read, due to the time constraints of publishing my books, and joyfully reinventing myself post-retirement. Please keep your query brief and to the point, and expect a straight answer within four to six weeks.

If you wish to reach me concerning a potential speaking engagement or radio broadcast, please leave your name and phone number on either of my voice-mails, and you'll hear back from me very shortly. Thank you for visiting my site and my YouTube channel. My most fervent hope is that you will gain something of value through exposure to my spirit and essence within these venues.





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